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Notre mission

For more than 190 years, Guerlain has been innovating in beauty and perfumery. Today, Guerlain offers a new digital e-commerce experience to pay homage to the profession for which it is famous: the perfumery profession. From now on, customers will be able to personalize their bee perfume bottle. They will decide on the type of ribbon that will adorn the neck of the bottle and can engrave a name or message. An art of giving, according to the House of Guerlain.

Our solution

A 3D solution
to help interactive sales

Our 3D e-commerce configurator allows you to visualize the physical reality of the interaction between the colors of the bottle and its juice, plus the choice of color of a node. A personalized message can also be added simulating the engraving on the bottle. This allows the customer to accurately visualize the bottle he will receive once ordered.

Le Flacon aux Abeilles

Baume James 3D


Accurately visualize glass thickness, reflection and refraction. See the interactions between the color of the bottle and the color of the juice.


It is possible to choose the color of the bottle, as well as the shape and color of the ribbon that will adorn it.


Add and view a personalized engraved message.


Allow customers to accurately visualize their customized product before purchasing it.



The 3D technical solution proposed by Hapticmedia allows us to showcase our iconic products. It offers different combinations to more and more demanding customers who are looking for digital experiences that reflect those of our Boutiques. In addition, thanks to this online personalization option, our customers can now offer a tailor-made gift to their loved ones.

Jean-Denis Mariani, Global Omni channel and IS/IT Manager

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Jewellery 3D configurator


Chandelier 3D configurator