Our expertise

A new interactive customization solution for connected commerce and industry

Our solution enables your customers to try out your products directly on your websites. It makes for a more dynamic relationship with clients by offering a new connected commerce experience on all your distribution platforms.

What our customers say

We were looking for an innovative and unique experience to help clients visualize the full extent of our range before they come to visit our stores. Hapticmedia digitized our physical Créativ’ Box into a variety of living spaces adjustable to the consumer’s inspiration.

Frédéric Bengold, Consumer Connect project manager

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Our added value

Offer your clients a more dynamic experience on all your distribution platforms.


A new product-client relationship for factories of the future

Industry is experiencing an accelerated and deep mutation from the era of mass production to the era of mass customization. Products are no longer stocked, but instead manufactured on demand following the needs of the clients.


Try out and personalize your products online

Your products will be rendered in 3D and materials digitized, giving you the freedom to create your own rules in terms of co-conception and assembly. Our 3D layout engine provides excellent browsing fluidity and user-friendliness, enabling clients to interact with your products with increased ease and clarity.


A solution connected to information system

Your products and materials are securely stored in the Cloud. Thanks to our API, you are free to use and display them as you wish on all your connected commerce platforms (PIM, DAM, ERP, CMS).